Erick Manana Solo

The renowned composer, singer and guitar virtuoso Erick Manana is a central figure of Madagascar’s music scene. In his poetic lyrics, Erick Manana retains the old images and rich colours of the Malagasy language, but uses them to dedicate himself to current issues ...
Duo Erick Manana - Jenny Fuhr

Madagascar – the common theme and source of inspiration for two musicians whose biographies could not have been more different. The two award-winning musicians embarked on a musical adventure in which they explore and exploit the tension between familiarity and strangeness ...
Madagascar Roots Band

The eight members of the Madagascar Roots Band present contemporary poetry and the sound of today's Madagascar. With a cosmopolitan perspective, they draw on Madagascar's unique traditional musical landscape, taking us on a musical journey across the Big Red Island ...


Tel: +49 157 85460020